Category: Ericaceae

Cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon)

Species: Vaccinium macrocarpon (Ericaceae) (Cranberry)

Habitat: Coastal areas; cool bogs & swamps


Interesting fact:


Species: Ledum groenlandicum (Ericaceae) (Labrador Tea)

Habitat: cold bogs, peaty soil


Interesting fact: The edges of the Labrador tea leaf are rolled under, and the underside is covered with a thick layer of tan fuzz.

Species: Kalmia polifolia (Ericaceae) (Bog Laurel)


Habitat: Cold bogs; cold, wet, mountain meadows


Interesting fact: All parts. Highly Toxic, Maybe Be Fatal if Eaten

Species: Kalmia angustifolia (Ericaceae) (Sheep Laurel)

Habitat: Wet or dry pastures & thickets; swamp & bog borders; wooded stream banks


Interesting fact: This plant is poisonous to livestock. It is also called lambkill