Category: Orchids

Species: Spiranthes cernua (Orchidaceae) (nodding ladies’ tresses)

Habitat:  bogs, moist meadows


Interesting fact:


Species: Pogonia ophioglossoides (Orchidaceae) (rose pogonia)

Habitat: acidic, boggy conditions in marshy meadows or grassy seepage slopes


Interesting fact: Much of Pogonia ophioglossoides’ habitat has been destroyed due to construction and herbicide treatment of ditches and waterways. These habitats are especially sensitive to changes in hydrology.

This small terrestrial orchid bears one to three flowers that have a scent like raspberries.

Species: Calopgon tuberosus (Orchidaceae) (Grass-Pink)

Habitat: bogs or meadows with wet, acidic soil


Interesting fact: Its genus name is derived from the Greek for beautiful beard, and the species name is Latin for tuberous